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In a broken world where the dead are machines that do the heavy lifting for us, we are just a cog in the social engine, alive at first and forever once dead. The greatest good is to protect human life, at any cost. Nothing is worth more: not the body's sanctity, nor mental sanity.

In Necrobiotic, you can taste the whole spectrum of emotions, from the deepest horror and the bitterest melancholy to the most moving compassion and the lightest laughter, in a continuous celebration of life and a rediscovery of its fragile uniqueness. The original illustrations will drag you into the alleys of a wounded Florence, among human corpses with tanned leather hides, eternal monuments, and coarse foggy streets.

The original game system is based on deck-building mechanics with a standard deck of playing cards, though Tarot cards can also be used.  Players will always know what they can do alone or together, and the game's mechanics will easily push the player’s roleplay toward the character’s features, highlighting everyone's specialties.

Necrobiotic is a dark celebration of life where survival is paramount.  It features unique and emotional art along with a new card system that will draw your players into our grim future.

Now on kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pennyforatale/Necrobiotic

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AuthorPenny for a Tale
GenreRole Playing
TagsCreepy, Dark, Dystopian, Gothic, LGBTQIA, Post-apocalyptic, Romance, Steampunk, Story Rich


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